What to do when a shabby bank 'out East' gets put on the Sarasota market? Restore it. And then? Fill it with locally sourced Caribbean and Creole flavors and transform it into the first locally owned, mom-and-pop seafood restaurant in the neighborhood. Then—as a final note—name it something a little outlandish like Madfish Grill. Former Owners of Madfish, Mindy and Miles Millwee, did just this. Now fast-forward 22 years: the eclectic eatery rests minutes away from a central Sarasota hub and has evolved, earning the palates of the regulars and newbies alike. (*update--our former general manager and his wife are the new owners--Ben & Candice Gough--as of April 2021. Congratulations to The Gough Family!)

With something for everyone (see: full bar, extensive wine list, and a varied menu derived from many cuisines), make it known that guests are welcomed for happy hour and apps, to four-course meals, and everything in between. And by the way, if you've been around the block at any point, chances are you've helped morph a few of our most popular dishes. That's because we take your suggestions to heart; and we really enjoy a slight menu tweak from time to time.

So take a taste of our locally grown produce and fresh fish. Experience our classic bartending. And while we're making suggestions: order up our crunchy macadamia-crusted shrimp at least one time.

No one needed a bank 'out East', anyways.