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Discover a dining experience that caters to every taste and preference. With something for everyone, we pride ourselves on being the perfect place for quick bites and leisurely dinners.

So why wait for a special occasion? With our everyday Happy Hour, a menu that caters to every palate, and a welcoming atmosphere, any day is a good day to dine at the Madfish Grill. We look forward to serving you!

Our Story

We opened our doors in 1999 as the neighborhood's first locally-owned mom-and-pop restaurant. Back then, locals called it “out East”. A quarter of a century later, Madfish Grill continues its heritage of being a continuously family-owned and operated bar & grill.

Our eclectic eatery has evolved, and we are thrilled to please the palates of regulars and newcomers alike. If you have dined with us often, chances are you've helped morph a few of our most popular dishes – because we take your suggestions to heart, and we embrace the idea of ever-evolving and seasonally emphasized menus.

We are very proud of the fact that many of our team members are second and third-generation “Madfishians”. We believe that this sense of family and community, within our crew, is the recipe for genuine hospitality and a delicious lineup of foodie-inspired dishes. While fish is in our name, please do not assume that we are just great seafood. We feature burgers, steaks, bone-in chops, and pasta dishes and are known for being THE spot to dine for Taco Tuesday.

So swing by and grab a bar stool or cozy up in a booth because when you dine with us everything is… truly.madly.delicious.

Bon Appetite-
Ben & Candice Gough